Hereafter (2011)

by stronged

Stars: *

Dir: Clint Eastwood

Multiple protagonists trace a narrative that explores the topic of clairvoyance from the perspective of: a) A French woman experiencing a near death occurrence when a tidal wave impacts on the small holiday resort that her husband and herself are staying at, b) Twin Markus looses his brother Jason in a car accident and searches for a way of contacting him for closure and guidance, c) A clairvoyant (Matt Damon) has struggled with his gift since it’s conception trying (unsuccessfully) to reintegrate himself in society as a “normal person.”

Eastwood is a bit hit and miss with his directorial work. I did not like Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, and his WW2 duology. However, the Rookie and Unforgiven are classics in my mind. Even Changeling was a good effort in my opinion. And of course Mystic River was incredibly powerful.

When it comes to Hereafter though, another miss is added to his tally (seems to be more mishaps than gold in his swag of projects). The pacing was well and truly off. The narrative could have been trimmed up substantially. The parallel story lines were predictable. Even the topic of clairvoyance was not progressed, going over already chartered territory.

Unfortunately Clint, you’ve made no headway in your efforts.