Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie

by stronged

This is a simple concoction that i just stumbled through one night. Sadly there are no photos for we gobbled it up in a blink of an eye.

Olive Oil

2 x Sticks of Celery (thinly sliced)

2 x Carrots (peeled and diced)

1 x Parsnip (peeled and diced

Salt an’ Pepper

500g Chicken Mince (thighs if at all possible – i know they are fatty, but they sure taste good)

2 x Sweet Potatoes (Peeled and diced)

1 x Cob of Sweet Corn (Peeled)

Preheat oven to 200 Celsius

1) Put the sweet potato in a saucepan and cover with water. Bring to the boil then simmer until soft. If you have one of those double layer saucepans where you can simultaneously steam something up top then pop the sweet corn in to cook at the same time (note: it may not take as long as the sweet potato to cook).

2) Add oil to large frying pan (preferably non-stick) and throw the celery in to similar for a minute or two. Add salt and pepper. Then add carrots and parsnip. Simmer for a few minutes.

3) Remove vegies from pan and place into a bowl. Put the chicken mince in and separate from it’s mass to finer density (ala Bolognese). Brown chicken.

4) Remove sweet corn cob and slice off cooked kernels to add to vegie mix. Add vegies back into pan with browned chicken. Mix and slowly cook through for several minutes. Meanwhile,

5) When sweet potato is cooked, drain water from saucepan and mash – you can add nuttlex (although i reckon this intrudes on the flavour of the vegetables) or rice milk if sweet potato is too dry/hard.

6) Lay cooked mince and vegies into ceramic baking dish, leveling the mixture off to be even throughout. Lightly pat and smother sweet potato mash over mince and vegies until covered.

7) Pop the assembly into oven to cook for roughly 20 mins – until light browning and hardness of sweet potato.

You could easily do this dish with pastry and/or add more things in to brighten it up. However, from what i have learned about my diet, it’s all about simplifying recipes and pulling out aggravating agents (ie. chilli, garlic, onion, etc.) rather than creating an explosion for the taste buds.

This dish was surprisingly tastey for a half-arsed concoction.


Adjustments to recipe in shown image are as follows: I blind-baked some gluten and dairy free pastry for this one. Then finely sliced parsley that i mixed in with the sweet potato. Salt and pepper plus sunflower seeds as finishing touches on top.