The Green Hornet (2011)

by stronged


Dir. Michel Gondry

For those who are not familiar with the comic book tale of The Green Hornet it goes like this: Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) inherits his fathers fortune and newspaper empire after his suspicious death. Previously misguided in his life Britt decides to invest his resources in the talents of one of his staff; Kato (Jay Chou). Together, they team up to battle the corruption and crime prevalent in the metropolis.

Oh Michel, what have you done? You were on such a great roll before your direction span out of control. Why on earth would you decide to pursue a superhero film when your strengths are clearly elsewhere?

I disliked this film immensely. I found it increasingly difficult to sit through to it’s conclusion. I must state that i was never a big fan of the Green Hornet and feel aggrieved when Hollywood blows an incredible amount of cash and resources on a poor concept.

I was a fan of Rogen before this. I can’t really blame him i guess. Who would knock down an opportunity to portray a superhero and play in such affluence? I thoroughly enjoyed Knocked Up and even Pineapple Express to some extent. Although this time around his humor and charm fell well short of the mark. I found myself cringing rather than chuckling along with him.

The plot was as predictable as they come. With every action sequence a knot would form in my stomach for i knew that the narrative did not need as many ridiculous explosions as it executed.

What a dud.