Arrietty (2010)

by stronged

The latest from Studio Ghibli. This time not actually directed by master Miyazaki but the next generation of Ghibli’s talented filmmakers. Once again we the audience are taken upon a journey into the realm of childhood fairytales and superstitions that do not disappoint even the most skeptical film-goer.

Arrietty, like her father, is a Borrower. A four-inch-tall person who is discovered by teenage Sho to live underneath his families country house and survives from “borrowing” the food and resources her family needs to survive off the humans of the house. Although strictly forbidden, Arrietty and Sho strike up a friendship that puts Arrietty’s family at risk of capture.

Although Princess Mononoke is still reigning number one from the Ghibli collection (Spirited Away and Porko Rosso closely trailing) i was pleasantly impressed by this well crafted film.