I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

by stronged

This film reminded me of Fargo (1996) with the tongue-in-cheek manner in which it presented (and indulged) a factual story of a con man. Jim Carrey does not cease to impress me with his performances. As does Ewen McGregor, who underplays his character perfectly.

Telling the story of Steven Russell, a happily married local policemen of Virginia who, after a car crash, drastically changes the direction of his life by embracing the fact that he is a gay man. He moves to Miami and begins living the life he has always dreamed of. This however involves large quantities of cash. So he begins conning people for money and winds up going to jail. This is where he meets his true love, Phillip Morris (Ewen McGregor). Russell struggles with his addiction to swindle money whilst promising Morris he will live his life lawfully. This is harder than it seems for Russell.

An carefree entertaining film that has quite dark themes when you begin to examine it more intently.