by stronged

I met up with Adrian at the end of the Research Strategies seminar yesterday. I needed to discuss my potential projects with him. He went straight for the jugular. Unlike any other academic I have encountered, he challenged my motivations for why I desire to develop such a project as #1. He seemed to think the project, instead of mending the gap between the older and younger generations of indigenous communities, would turn a whitefella’s perception of the Australian landscape black. Especially my latest interest in experimenting with Augmented Reality to enable users to interact with the Australian landscape (i.e. when approaching a tree the camera on your AR device recognizes the object as a tree and therefore sends a signal to the projector to compose alternative menues/scenarios which the user can select to find out information about how the local indigenous people use the tree, etc. Much like the SixSense project featured on TED:

I came away from this meeting completely shellshocked and bewildered. There is a part of me that understands this is merely the process of undertaking a research project; one step forward, two steps back. However, I didn’t imagine it to be so abrupt or destructive.

I am at a loss as where I shall aim myself now. I feel I should steer clear of Indigenous affairs, instead, train my eyes upon pedagogy, using my year of Honours as a stepping stone to a career in Education. Sticking with the game plan that next year will be my Dip Ed.

It saddens me that the projects that are the more ambitious and potentially of more benefit to society are unable to be accomplished due to academic timelines and marking criterium 😦