Back to the drawing board

by stronged

Since concept #1 has been ruled out of the picture for 2013, I have been struggling to create a new concept that will go the distance for me. My Honours project will need to elicit my passion for the entire year and therefore resonate with me personally.

I initially went back to the drawing board.

What matters to me?

  • The Australian Film Industry – strengthening and fortifying our humble little industry to stand proud on it’s own two feet. 
  • Inclusive pedagogical practices – using filmmaking as a template for learning (i.e. film as a system of collaboration of a variety of disciplines/talents/personalities can a) creatively express a shared vision, b) develop interpersonal relationship skills, c) arm students with new skill-sets in technology and movement, d) inspire consideration and respect for one another)
  • Investigate the stigma associated with the rise of food intolerances
  • Research how to raise awareness of the ofttimes unidentifiable chronic illnesses
  • Cinema Studies
  1. the subconscious in films
  2. the relationship between critic and film as a product – how reviews alter the expectation of the cinema goer.
  • Brush up on pedagogical practices in:
  1. Media Studies: photography, web design, tv, film, social values, etc.
  2. English: grammar, booklists (the classics, etc.), poetry, essay writing

I am still very much interested in technologies that can be adapted to suit a variety of community settings. Whether it be a book club in the suburbs, a rural union, or class room of pre-pubescents, I feel the digital age will fast develop such communities into new modes of interaction and communication.

I am still keen to research something practice based (i.e. a project of some description). More than likely a project related to my experience of filmmaking. However, I am keen to take this knowledge into my next hurdle; education. Pedagogy. A stepping stone to help my transition into this new realm of living.

What skills do I have?

What skills do I need?

Perhaps I should investigate how new technologies are integrating into pedagogical practices by creating a documentary upon the subject.

I have not made a proper documentary of my own volition yet. I have had concepts for many, but i have not acted upon any of them…

Even a documentary investigating the art of interviewing would be useful in my studies and next step in life.

A more writerly investigation would perhaps be why do we communicate best in stories? What is it about explaining ourselves and the world that surrounds us in anecdotes or narratives that seems to be the most effective way of communicating our thoughts and feelings? Is it because it appeals to our core knowledge of the human condition. Our collective consciousness or shared knowledge of archetypes, etc?

I wonder…