Unpacking “Knowledge Claims” 2nd class

by stronged

A beneficial seminar on establishing a dialogue between disciplines when researching a topic. A “knowledge claim” is evidence-based and communicable, used in a deliberate sense to convey a theme or message with scholars of the same discipline. For example, using Kleo’s knowledge claim today: in creative writing, using sparse, stripped back sentences would prompt other writers to recall Hemingway or Raymond Carver in a formalistic, practice-based study of a piece. Once the form is identified, you are able to unpack other key aspects related to that style of writing.

Reading widely will start a discourse between other disciplines, still related to the topic of the craft of writing in such a sparse manner. Your research will get to a point where you are able to riff off other key scholars who are not necessarily writers, but may be other creatives who approach their discipline in a similar manner or are concerned with relevant themes, etc.

The first step is to understand and become fluent in one’s chosen disciplines language.

It has become evident that I will need to become fluent in the language of pedagogy. And therefore I will endeavour to use the language I already am well acquainted with – filmmaking – to begin a discourse between two disciplines.

This seminar reminded me of orientation, when Adrian briefly discussed how De Bono’s hats can be used as a technique of criticism:

Black – Logic applied to identifying reasons to be cautious, what to watch out for (criticisms).

White – The facts gleaned – what information has been presented.

Green – What further possibilities the project opens up – the provocative nature of the project.

Red – What does it make you feel. Intuitive, emotional. 

Yellow – The benefits of the project, the positives you take from it.

This technique will be helpful when constructing my assessments throughout the year. Many times I have found it incredibly difficult to step away from a project to gain a clearer perspective. Especially when I have been so incredibly immersed in the subject matter and drafting.