Alternative Schooling Mind Map

by stronged

Notes from Class:

– Do things emerge from themselves? – essentialist theory

– At what point does human behaviour become indicative of a collective practice?

– Awakening = When human become aware of their non-human self (i.e. the Kin – dragon-self)

– As a component of Mythopoeic‘s, human’s feel a sense of desire to place narrative structural elements onto situations to make meaning (i.e. the Prince and the Princess must get together for a happy ending to exist)

– Harry Potter and the Disenchantment of the World – paper that discusses how Rowling’s makes the magical and amazing into the mundane. Makes the ‘other’ normal.

– “commodified indigneity” = eg. StarHawk appropriating indigenous practices for her feminist beliefs/stance/activism, in the process of promoting her own agenda. Is this a form of plagiarism? It is certainly insensitive.

– Is self-affiliation a necessary component of a devient culture?

– Network Structures (similar to 6 degrees of separation) – begin to understand where the continuities and discontinuities lie.

– Straight-edge culture = subset of punk where abstinence of booze and drugs is marked by a black cross on a members hand.

– Citizen Journal = a member of the general public documenting an event on their iphone, camcorder, etc.

– Observatory vs. expository docos?

I have chosen to investigate pedagogy through Media and Communications Futures as opposed to loading it on top of my major Research Project of Honours. 

I feel this is a sensible move as it simplifies – or perhaps a better term to us is that it makes my project much more attainable/realistic – my project so I can start to hone in on what I need to chip away at in order for me to reach my end goal. 


The mind mapping was a useful exercise as it established for me the primary question: What makes an alternative schooling practice alternative? Different? Or, to use Danielle’s loaded term: devient. 

In order to unravel the answer to this question I must define what the mainstream education models are. Why are they mainstream? Does the sheer quantity of participants indicate the general consensus of opinion? The ‘popular opinion’? Or is Government approval of state schooling systems enough to comfort the general populous in making this the norm? The ‘mainstream’? Seems to be a catch 22, as the Government undoubtedly looks to it’s citizen’s for which system to endorse. However, they also do rely on statistical data collected by ‘experts’ in education/pedagogy. A scientific methodology that neglects any thoughts around the spiritual or ‘holistic’ development of the child.

‘Holistic’ seems to be the buzz word here. I must unpack this term.

I have dived into researching alternative schooling models head first, immersing myself in the different philosophies of each independent school. From Krishnamurti to Steiner to Montessori to Free Schools to Folk Education to Open Schools. However, the first site that I’ve found that introduces me to alternative schooling seems to be using America as it’s context. Maybe it’s the patriot within me, but I feel it necessary to track down an Australia site discussing our alternative schooling models.