Honing in on Research Question

by stronged

Met with Adrian today for a brief chat. He has set me an exercise to do in order to move me along in the process of finding a research question.

The precursor, our first assessment for our lab work, is a rough sketch of our intended major project. A prototype or exploration into what we wish to develop in second semester. He has put to me another listing exercise. Similar to my ontograph. However, composed of both visual and audio elements to enable me to piece together a miniature interactive documentary. To him, an interactive documentary is a list. I added to this notion that it is a list of lists. For whichever selection you make within the first list, you are instantly given another list to decide from. Hence, a never-ending sequence. An endless narrative constructed by the users own choices.

From creating a sketch I will gain some knowledge about what is involved in constructing an interactive work.