Citizen Journalism

by stronged

Whilst quickly perusing my fellow peers’ blogs in Honours – to see whether I am on the right track or not! – I stumbled across Steve Scully‘s posting about Citizen Journalism. I found it quite relevant to what I am researching as well. So I read it.

Kate Bulkley’s Guardian piece on the rise of “Citizen Journalism”, a term to describe when a member of the general public captures a public event on their smartphone, camcorder, handycam, etc., implies an optimistic future for new media formats to intermingle and generate new community-led content. A democratilization of news broadcasting perhaps?

The end quote I found most relevant to my research:

“I don’t know if all this experimentation will lead to better films, but I do think they can be extended to get some truly radical process like where users are able to edit their own films perhaps. I think there is much more to explore.” – Jeff Deutchman, director of acquisitions and productions for Sundance Selects/IFC Films.

This notion ties into interactive narratives. Allowing the audience/users to manipulate the path of the narrative in order to draw from it what they will.