David Lynch on photography

by stronged

David Lynch, what a man. Hearing about his fascination of curtains, in that the “hide things”, filled an empty piece of my jigsaw in understanding this man and his films. His motif of curtains has always intrigued me. I just thought it was a strange fetish he had about circus’ and performances. I guess the midget motif made me jump to this conclusion.

The simplicity of his explanations were refreshing. He explains how we the viewer put together a case as if a detective in order to derive meaning when viewing a scene – whether still or motion. A ‘reading’ of our environment to understand what will occur next, or how we will react. Much like the affect in-between period Brasier explored in her video work last year, and much like how we learn to act and understand the world.

He mentioned photographer joel peter witkin and artist Edward Hopper as some of his faviourite artists.

Braudire20122012T154811 hopper night windows october art room hopper.nighthawks hopper.summer-evening