Digital Storytelling – AWG Talk at Wheeler Centre

by stronged


David Tiley in conversation with Dr. Vincent O’Donnell (RMIT fellow)


– Convergence:

  • Technological (the accumulation of functionality)
  • Economical (Multi-disciplinary companies i.e. Design Studios)
  • Cultural (Australian content? Diversity or fragmentation?)

– Rural networks are under threat of being taken over by metropolitan proprietors

– “We are in a content-making business.” – Lachlan Murdoch(aimed at attracting the consumer, no matter what the format)

– Need to be conscious of revising writer agreements with single projects spanning across multiple formats (i.e. Transmedia)

– HBO is subscription-based and therefore has larger budgets providing them an autonomous flexibility of projects


I had never had the term “convergence” broken down in layman’s terms before. So I found this talk useful. However, they seemed to bring up many negative implications of the changing climate of digital networks. There was not much optimism in the room.