Network Literacy by Adrian Miles

by stronged


“Network literacy means linking to what other people have written and inviting comments from others, it means understanding a kind of writing that is a social, collaborative process rather than an act of an individual in solitary. It means learning how to write with an awareness that anyone may read it: your mother, a future employer or the person whose work you’re writing about. Yes, it’s difficult.”

 Jill Walker

This post of Adrian’s is precisely what I am apprehensive about approaching the world of pedagogy. I am no wiz at keeping up with technology and the online community. There is a part of me that actually rebels against it. At times I feel as though it would be joining the rat race. Creating a sense of anxiety about always being behind the eight ball. I know this is attitudinal and I just need to flip this concept on it’s head, instead allowing myself to step away from being ‘plugged-in’ to the network.

I have been toying with the idea of learning some html code or dreamweaver to get a handle on writing basic code for website design and interactive media. However, is this really necessary? I feel as though it is becoming increasingly so. I must start to take the steps to integrate myself into what ‘Mackenzie Wark describes as the new ‘hacker class’’.

I was not aware of other such terms as ‘folksonomy’ – the use of tags by individuals – and ‘trust networks’ – the collection of networks you subscribe to for your intake of information (for your RSS, etc.).