VOICE by Adam Hunt and Max Milne

by stronged

I just went to friends Max Milne and Adam Hunt’s new exhibition titled VOICE. An audio collage of sounds comprised purely from the human voice. I am still experiencing the effects of experiencing the exhibition.

From the door I was blindfolded and lead to the gallery occupied by the other patrons. It was there where we were subjected to an array of sound clips; a narrative of sound if you like.

I have always believed in the importance of sound. As a filmmaker, I find it is the soul of the narrative. That which is provokes indefinable sensations in one’s own body. A communicative device that mines your spirit and emotional core to prompt quite dramatic reactions.

In the past I have been dismayed by the neglect of the sound department on set. They are always the last thought, the visuals taking priority for every sequence. When clearly sound offers an emotional engagement unparalleled to visual stimuli.

My only criticism of the experience is that the narrative descended into trauma and darkness for it’s duration. It was incredibly intense. It would have been nice to add some lightness for variety and tonal balance.

It has inspired me to think more broadly about my Precursor. How each voice offers it’s own unique tonal insignia. How even the simplest of vocal techniques, such as breathing, can offer such a diverse range of narrative clues.

Here’s a podcast about the exhibition.


Also reminded me of a very powerful doco this collaboration created a year or so ago, with the help of Tom Kinsman and Harry Aronston: