Waiting for Superman (2010) dir. Davis Guggenheim

by stronged



An esposé on the American State School system. Doco-maker Davis Guggenheim follows several high school students through the lottery process of getting into higher ranked charter schools. Very dramatic and informative doco. Not so keen on working in the USA any more!


Tenure = the process that provides job security for life as a USA school teacher.

Rubbery Factory = In New York teachers wait in this establishment for their legal cases (eg. harassment  punctuality issues, claims of pedophilia) to go through. They still collect full pay and benefits.

Geoffrey Canada = School reformer, educator

Michelle Rhee = Washington DC Superintendent and education reformer.


Australian students are ranked 8th in the world for success rate in education.

KIPP Academy = public charter schools that abide by their own curriculum autonomous to what the teachers union prescribes. 82 across the country upon release of doco. Inspired by Harriett Ball, Houston teacher who appropriated rap into her classroom in order to allow her students flexibility to integrate their learning in class outside of class.