Conversation with Linda Daley

by stronged

In the hope of coming closer to revealing my research question I met up with Dr. Linda Daley for a chat. I had met up with her earlier in the year, before Honours had kicked off, to explore the likelihood of securing her as my supervisor. What appealed to me about this partnership was her knowledge of Indigenous texts and navigating through the political minefield of Indigenous community projects. Also, her background of being a teacher both in secondary and tertiary institutions was a drawcard.

However, with the demise of my Indigenous project and my move into more of a practical project as assessment piece her expertise has ceased to become relevant as a supervisor. I would require someone who understands the workflow of documentary or interactive media production and contextualising this in academic theorems in terms of an exegesis.

It was very helpful meeting up with her though. I feel as though any discussion upon the topics of filmmaking, screenwriting and pedagogy incredibly useful at this point in time. Any help in drawing me out of the insular bubble I have created with my investigations thus far benefits me in gaining an objective perspective and ensuring I am on the correct path for a successful completion of Honours.

She suggested self-assessment as a topic to investigate. As recording the process of pedagogy is itself a reflexive task. This reminded me of a provocative panel discussion held at last years MIFF on how popular media is becoming increasingly self-reflexive, with consumers creating adaptations and parodies that they then post online to create a conversation with the original clips creators. What Linda was suggesting is how this self-reflection alters the dynamic of educational environments and the effectiveness of learning tasks.

I brought up the recent Margaret Somerville essay I read aboutĀ pedagogical places. I found it may tie in with how educational spaces are augmenting into online communities. It is clear that interactive media is the future of pedagogy. How will this alter the dynamic in classrooms? And what new opportunities will this give rise to in terms of collaborative projects and individual learning practices?

We also found a hole in my knowledge of ethics approval timelines. I must see whether it is actually still possible for me to accomplish a project this year or whether i have missed my window of opportunity.