by stronged

Take 1:IMG_0548

Clearly I needed to devote more time to this exercise in order to get to the stage where an adequate ‘density’ was reached. I found I gravitated towards conceptual ‘objects’ as opposed to external, physical ones. I must strive towards more of a balance between physical and non-physical objects for my second go at this exercise.

It is funny, halfway through the tutorial today I found myself amused at the situation we, as Honours students, are in. We have now spent two tutorials peeling off the layers of what – from the outside it may appear as – list-making. It really shouldn’t be rocket science. However, the philosophical quandary is quite complex when you begin to pry your own anthropocentrism away from the task.

Discussed in class:

– The pillow book by Sei Shonagon an example of list making

– Meanwhile = equalizing term used to link objects/settings

– Narrative demands causality – in ontography one must step away from this.

– Every discipline – as every object – has agency,  and therefore ontography is a process in which one begins to learn the language of the discipline. It begins to talk with you. The next step is to structure a response.

– Good suggestion from peer: construct my list as a lesson plan.

Take 2:

Interactive; communication; information; play; language; semiotics; technology; two people; two animals; two things; chemical reaction; tools; computer; telephone; mobile; pencil; pen; paper; gestures; touch; senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell); community; people; independent thinking; autonomous; a dance; female; male; gender constructs; gadgets; electricity; Hardware; Software; interplay; internal; external; code words; codecs; file formats; functionality; multi-linearity; keyboard; mouse; screen; portable; safety; the cloud; back-ups; fibre-optics; bandwidth; cinema verité; observational documentaries; fly-on-the-wall; social documentaries; crime documentaries; political documentaries; food documentaries; documentation; image; sound; airwaves; illusion; suspended belief; denouement; climax; beginning, middle and end; mythopoeic; learning; knowledge vs wisdom; relationships; hierarchy; mentor; grasshopper; user; gamer; audience; navigation; pathways; memory; colour; depth; illustrative; mixed-media; graphics; text; motion; photography; slides; audio; voice overs; narration; the fourth wall; multiple-narratives; ensemble casts; Deleuze; Descartes; journalism; truth; propaganda; engagement; popular culture; popular opinions; data; polls; statistics; surveys; experiential; evidence; objects; subjects; desire; metal; plastic; warranty; servicing; portal names; accounts; login details; command+Q; shortkeys; undo; redo; delete; cut, copy and paste; file-sharing; coding; back-end & front-end; participatory media; community-based projects; funding; grants; perception; time; reaction; memory