Meeting with Lucinda Strahan

by stronged

What a revelatory meeting that was! Lucinda seemed to make sense of my mess of a research project. She narrowed it down to the basic question:

How do screenwriters negotiate the expanding new formats of interactive digital spaces in professional collaborations?


How do the conventions of filmmaking apply in an interactive digital environment?


How do filmmakers construct digital interactive narratives without the skills of a web developer/coder?

She advised that it would be best to put my interest in pedagogy aside for the time being, explaining how she too falls into the trap of designing overly ambitious projects for herself. She advised that I should always bring it back to the basic question:

Why am I doing Honours?


What do I want to find out?

A pragmatic inroad would be constructing literature reviews on particular areas of interest in order to find my niche area. I have already started doing this. It has been incredibly helpful just jumping straight into reading masses of essays and papers related to the diverse areas my research can take me.

Lucinda suggested I get in touch with her boss, Bruce Berryman, for he has just completed his doctorate in collaborative online communities. More of a radio documentary project, but nonetheless in line with my research interest. However, he has quite a workload at the moment so she suggested Jenny Weight or Adrian for guidance.

We ended the meeting with a brief chat about her own interest in expanding her writing practice into an online domain/space. This is what she is aiming to achieve with her latest collaborative project the swap shop laboratory –