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I have been in more regular correspondence with Adrian now. This has been very helpful. From chatting with academics about my research project I no longer feel aimless nor supervisorless. Adrian has offered me suggestions on what to do for my Precursor and certain papers to read in order to get my head around interactive documentaries.

The task we have come up with:

1. To interview a variety of people, asking them to simply describe a sensation or experience that they have with a particular object or memory.

2. To capture an array of footage to help support and overlay these ontographs as a montage.

3. To edit and refine the raw material into 30 clips.

4. To import these clips into korsakow and experiment with how each will link to one another.

For reference, I have rummaged around on the korsakow website:

And Adrian directed me to this piece one of his classes created:

I have been wondering how to go about first selecting who to interview, and secondly making this work in the short timeframe given to complete this project. We have been instructed to keep it simple and it’s fine if it’s messy and will not work out. So I just have to keep repeating this to myself as a mantra to restrain my perfectionist tendencies.

In terms of tools:

  • I will use my iphone to record audio (this will also not be as intrusive as a dirty big ol’ camera in the respondents face)
  • Shoot motion predominantly with my 7D, but may need to use my iphone depending on the situation
  • Premiere Pro for the edit
  • Korsakow

Breaking up the audio from the visuals will be an interesting exercise in itself. I have never done this and am excited to try it out.

I will also endeavour to complete consent forms for all involved to get into the habit of compiling the necessary legal foundations to support my project.

Dear God, I just stumbled across this in Hannah Brasiers blog:


What I’m doing at the moment:

Reading- Researching Your Own Practice: The Discipline of Noticing by John Mason

Filming- moments worth noticing (3 x shots per day)

Writing- project component of exegesis (444 words a day in 25 minute bursts)

What’s next:

Reading- The Pillow Book and The Art of Describing

Assignment- Week three speech for slow lab (need to prepare)


I have a feeling I should implement a similar methodology in order to create a daily practice of videographing and blogging…hmmm…