Research Strategies

by stronged


In todays Research Strategies seminar we discussed:

  • What qualities we would like our supervisor to have
  • What direction our Research project will take: Text, Qualitative, Reflective
  • Graphed the areas of research we like and dislike
  • Graphed how long each area of research takes in the process
  • What word limit to set for ourselves per day and how to structure this implementation
  • What qualities we would like our students to have if in the supervisors shoes

It was interesting to identify that the qualities we hope for in our supervisor resemble that of a parental figure. Adrian expounded the necessity that the supervisor-student relationship must have clear, professional boundaries and not fall into the area of a personal relationship or unrealistic expectations.

This highlighted my need to establish some clear boundaries with Adrian as my supervisor. I need to work out how much time I am allowed to take up in his busy schedule and how much I can rely on him as a bouncing board as I progress through this research project.

I was surprised to see that, by eliminating pedagogy from my research project, I no longer rate my interest in the institutional or audience aspects of my research direction as highly as I had. Now, the tables have turned and I find myself focused more upon the texts/format (interactive narrative/doco). Audience is still very much a large component of this functioning ecology, as they are the users of the narrative.

My interest in qualitative and reflective research has not swayed. I enjoy the process of interviewing others about their experience. The precursor has already confirmed this fact for me. In-depth questioning and interaction is definitely a drawcard for me. I am enjoying the opportunity to step away from banging my head against the wall as a writer. Collaborative project construction is much more enriching/fulfilling.

With a:

2000  word essay (Futures)


1500 word essay (Strategies)


1000 word presentation (Precursor)

all due in roughly two weeks, alarm bells are beginning to ring. A 450 word per day limit has been prescribed by Adrian. He has suggested going with our natural impulse when writing these words; begins as a rush before a lull occurs (when we would take a break), then starting back again. I have always been interested in how to construct a writing practice. Allocating blocks of time to write solidly has been something I have tried in the past without success – ala, treating it like a “job” when you clock on for a shift. There are so many different styles of writing I have heard about (from Mac Gudgeon’s couple of hours a day spent infront of the computer after the majority of his day “pottering around” with chores yet still working out storyline threads to Shaun Grants listening to music in order to establish his tone to simple techniques of typing “STOP” when your writing goes dry before skipping to the next section) and all seem individual, structuring a practice around your natural impulses.

Changing my thinking to structuring my productivity in words as opposed to time is important. And not not labour over perfecting the draft. To treat the exercise as sketching, to “think in the writing” as Adrian remarked. 20-30min sessions x 2 per day.