by stronged

As per usual I’ve set myself too big a challenge for my precursor. I’ve been spending the majority of my time editing each interview instead of getting a hang of korsakow.

This has not been a complete waste of time though. I am pretty rusty with my filmmaking skills having not used them for the last couple of years. I’m more used to Final Cut Pro so using Premiere has added but one more element of complexity to my workflow.

I should have shot the interviews on my iphone (as Adrian suggested) but I had two main concerns with that: a) I preferred to create my precursor in a way closest resembling how I intend to achieve my major project, and b) the storage capacity on my iphone is currently maxed out and will not enable me the flexibility to record for long periods of time.

I though about enforcing a time limit for the respondents to answer each question within – and I might do this later this week depending on the feedback I receive from the Research Lab tomorrow. I was originally adverse to this tactic due to placing undesired duress on each of my respondents. From my experience thus far it has been hard enough getting my respondents to open up. It has either been “oh, that was too long ago – I can’t remember…” or “I don’t have a faviourite place…” – HUMOUR ME PLEASE!

I’m not sure whether it is fear or laziness, but most people seem to think their responses will be set in concrete – held against them in the future. Fear of rejection or ridicule perhaps? If that “mess up” – messing up is what it’s all about!

Reflecting on the interviewing process I experienced a familiar sense of unease between the respondents and me. It is a tricky thing to inject a certain amount of trust that allows them to open up to me infront of camera. There needs to be a sense of play, however, this is difficult due to not being able to talk openly or offer them verbal encouragement because I would dirty the audio track – making it unusable. Unless I introduce myself as the doco maker/investigator/interviewer.