Learning Korsakow – first impressions

by stronged

The interface is quite simple. I’ve begun by downloading the sample titled the Circle of Life and importing random clips from my dropbox library. It soon became evident that not naming the clips makes it quite difficult to navigate through managing the pathways for the narrative/collage. I should have really done this test before interviewing people because I would have taken a proper JPEG/still in order to set up a more professional interface of SNU’s (Smallest Narrative Unit).

After a while, I found it quite fun. I still have much to learn about using the software but look forward to engineering my precursor. I have been wondering whether or not I should navigate through my project live or capture some footage of it with ScreenFlow or some such. I would like to go through the process using the latter choice considering I have never created instructional videos before – and expect this skill will come in handy teaching Media Studies in the future.

Adrian’s screencast was quite handy in the last minute of putting this project together for my settings were not matching and the interface kept giving me an error when exporting.

http://vogmae.net.au/piv/02/84 saved the day.