Futures Essay 1

by stronged

After having a chat with Danielle today I feel much more focused on my essay for Media and Communications Futures. She began the seminar explaining how a good practice for scholars is to make the familiar (mainstream) strange and the strange (cult/fringe/alternative) familiar, in this way ducking around all prejudices/biases the reader(s) may have.

The term “cultural relativism” and “othering” was tossed around, the process of making the us exclusive, everyone else being them. This feeds into altering the viewpoint of the reader and therefore influencing the outcome of the paper/research in often negative ways. Othering can also be used in positive ways, highlighting the exotic nature of certain cultures/groups (i.e. Eastern Philosophy).

Danielle offered me two leads to follow as I explained the difficulty I am having locating specific papers on my chosen fringe culture; Steiner Education. I keep finding papers around the peripheral of the ideology and not the actual way it differs from mainstream views, etc.

  1. Jones, Lindsay. Encyclopedia of Religion. 2005 (definition of Anthroposophy, etc.)
  2. The Australian Educational mandate – National curriculum standard – Department of Education guidelines in Australia. (to establish the context of what the “mainstream” is, aim for one paragraph summation)

She also recommended investigating the idealogical milieu from which Rudolph Steiner composed his theory from. Post WWI Switzerland.

The first essay/map is due on the 18th!