Some hot tips for productivity…

by stronged

  • A friend polishing off her Masters advised me to use introductions and abstracts as a guide to delve into a reading. To identify which parts of the reading is appropriate and what key terms will be discussed.
  • Pomodoro = 25 minutates of concentrated activity (focused on one task). A sustainable, productive working rhythm is possible when giving yourself 10 minute breaks between each Pomodoro.
  • Multi-tasking is a waste of time. Remove all distractions and temptations for procrastination in order to complete one task at a time.
  • Don’t flit from task to task, instead, follow the rhythm you establish when tackling the one objective/goal (i.e. reading or writing or editing)
  • Measure your progress (how many pages read per day, how many words written)
  • Reward yourself (with a scaled reward system)

2013-04-11 14.19.01

Mapping out the tasks that are the biggest time consumers for me and what I like/dislike doing in the researching process to put the years work in perspective.