It’s been a big week

by stronged

This week has been quite intensive. Most of my energy was spent trying to complete my presentation before Tuesday after having to start from scratch several times in Korsakow and resize my output files to a more realistic upload size to match Korsakow’s interface. When it came to writing my Futures essay I fell into the same trap I have fallen in in the past: reading and curating my research more than actually writing and editing.

I am going to approach the Research Strategies essay due next week differently. Instead, I will endeavour to implement some of the strategies I have been learning about in both the lectures and seminars this semester. Writing will reveal the shape of what I am trying to articulate. It is only then I will be able to fill in the holes of my research and strengthen my argument/investigation/exploration.

Apparently we need to draft up a Gantt Chart for next weeks Research Strategies seminar. I feel this is impossible considering I do not know what my project is yet and therefore haven’t the faintest as to predicting what will be involved in it’s production. I guess I can pose a hypothetical documentary shoot period with the post-production period of my precursor indicative of the length of time needed for my major project.

I find much of my time studying is tracking down information I have stumbled across in the past – I guess that’s why they call it RE-searching?