Refining the Precursor

by stronged

I received preliminary feedback about my precursor and presentation last week. Not the best result but it was to be expected. Bit off more than I could chew (as per usual) and the trouble loading/buffering my korsakow test prevented me from actually discussing what I had done. Shame really. Learned the hard way that I should export my prezi presentation onto my drive instead of rely on bandwidth to present my project.

In the lab I received feedback from Adrian that the next step now is to create a new korsakow project. This time, agility is the key. Need to start using my iphone. Keen to use the vine app to work with a tool riddled with restrictions.

Presented some ideas about the new project to Adrian and we’ve settled on unpacking myself with the constraint that I am unable to capture myself, only the objects that surround me and make up my life.

Need to start shootin’ now. A whole lot. Get used to feeling self-conscious as I act like some Japanese tourist videoing anything that moves (or, doesn’t…). Interesting to hear that this was one of the main hindrances in the Rider Spoke experiential doco Gaudenzi uses as his case study. Proved to break people’s suspension of disbelief and push them more into the realm of performer, rather than capturing a more intimate confession about their thoughts and feelings of any one particular environment.