by stronged

Reading Sandra Gaudenzi’s The Experiential Documentary Through the Lenses of the Live Documentary and have come across the term autopoietic.

Autopoietic: Literally means “self-creation.” Many scholars attribute language, print and electronic technology as autopoietic. Taken from Wikipedia, Jerome McGann ascribes  “autopoietic mechanisms operating as self-generating feedback systems that cannot be separated from those who manipulate and use them.” They are “a closed topological space that ‘continuously generates and specifies its own organization through its operation as a system of production of its own components, and does this in an endless turnover of components'”

Jerome McGann. The Textual Condition, (Princeton University Press, 1991), p. 15.

It’s antonym:

Allopoietic: A system that produces something other than itself (i.e. an assembly line).