First Feedback Session for Precursor 2

by stronged

I have shown a rough Korsakow project of my Precursor 2 project to the Media Objects Lab. The feedback I received was that I should:

  • Lock off camera when capturing continuous footage
  • Minimize the Korsakow interface to present three windows that the user can scroll between, but of poor quality therefore user will receive pay-off when selecting clip

I have come to the conclusion that I should create more rules for myself (you would think Vine has created enough constraints as is!):

  • If the object is passive, capture it with stop motion (animate it’s function)
  • If the object is in motion, capture it with a continuous frame rate
  • In order conceal the identity of the people in my life, I will not video their faces, but the characteristics of their individuality that is meaningful to me – that represents my relationship to them


Stop-Motion jog

Continuous-motion jog

A combination of stop and continuous motion

Exploded diagram of Nan’s room

Stop-motion lunch. Been thinking about capturing all of my meals like this.

Jump-cut continuous motion

Remixing TV

My shoes

Exploded diagram of bathroom contents