by stronged

I have finally got around to watching Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That (2006), the participatory documentary of a Beastie Boy’s live performance masterminded by Nathaniel Hornblower (MCA/Adam Yauch – RIP). 50 audience members were given camcorders at the start of the performance in order to document their experience of the gig. The consequence of such an operation was multiple viewpoints to edit from for Hornblower and his post team. Different visual effects were employed (colour saturation distorted, superimposing images, various visual filters) in order to partition the different stages of the performance. I was surprised to see that Hornblower cuts to audience members who have left the arena to go to the toilet or to get a beer whilst the performance was still going on. I found this added a unique texture to the doco. A more truthful representation of the nights experience.

I have been considering the different subjects I could document for my main interactive doco this year. Approaching it in a non-causal way has been particularly challenging. I am still finding it hard to compromise my desire for audience satisfaction through a  denouement to a seemingly random succession of information presented for the audience to experience.

The idea of an interactive portrait has been interesting to explore through my precursor project. I have been contemplating how to dissemble an event in a similar fashion. I have recently remembered seeing a time-lapse of a filmmaker who took a picture of himself every day for several years. Although still relying on a linear structure, the end product appears as a fragmentary representation of an otherwise mundane occurrence.