Breaking the damaging cycle

by stronged

I am finding it incredibly difficult to break out of the cycle of reading, reading and reading before feeling as though I can finally write. I feel this is due to a deep, ingrain belief that I must have the proper “credentials”, so to speak, in order to write about a particular subject with a sound tenacity. My brain seems to be have the handbrake engaged when I will it to write from the word go. I need to figure out some way to lubricate this dysfunctional mechanism of grey matter.

I have been wondering whether it would be best to set aside the last five minutes of a pomodoro to sum up what I have read. Set aside a time and space as if ruling a line for the summary section in the cornell method. I have been reading extensively on anthroposophy for my Futures essay and stumbled across a paper on anthroposophical research methods. Was a very interesting read. One of the steps is to interpret and formulate in your own words what you believe the concepts and terminology truly means. This will hopefully kickstart my brain into gear.