by stronged


I have been holding off from downloading Evernote as I did not see any use for it in my research tool kit. However, Steve gave me a demo of it’s features last night and since then I have downloaded it and forked out for the Premium version. I am hoping it will streamline my research practice, minimising the time I spend transcribing excerpts from texts I am reading in order to get to the writing faster.

Reading up on the DNA Anthology and each member of the symposiums profile I came across a blog post Lisa Dush published discussing modes of notation and research tools. She mentions Dragon Dictation as a useful tool to have a rest from typing and let the application transcribe audibly for you. I have been keen to use this type of software for a long time but fear it would not recognise my Australian accent. I’d be keen to give it a go though. My research practice still feels incredibly slow and laborious. I must work on streamlining it in order to cope with the challenges I’ll face next semester.