Semester one down. Now, what’s next…

by stronged

Semester one was quite a shock to the senses. I feel I have not established a true individual, research practice yet. Although I feel I definitely understand what is expected! There is much more reading and writing to be done before semester two kicks off. The most important thing however, is to initiate a series of prototypes in order to establish my main research project’s focus. I know the inherent aspect of my research is my videographic practice. This is an adjustment from the last few years of my life where screenwriting and production coordination had been my focus.

I must resign to the fact that to be productive in my videography I must surrender my production standards and aesthetic. Instead of shooting on a high-end digital video camera, having the luxury of a cast and crew, I’ll have to use my iPhone to work on my concepts. “Sketch” them out, as Adrian says.

The latest concept I have been ruminating upon is a soft-assemblage comprised of practical lessons demonstrated by a particular member of a community. Kind of like an extension of Andrew Denton’s Elders series, the aim is to present an elder (or anyone, really) in their preferred environment, and ask them to episodically walk the camera through particular skills they have acquired. If their most comfortable environment is their kitchen, to have them run the camera through some recipes. If it is their study, demonstrate how they would conduct their research. Etc.

Describing this to a friend over dinner the other night I found the concept still very linear. Even if I instruct the person to be seated in the same seat at the beginning of each SNU, the information presented within each SNU will not embrace the fragmentary essence and therefore fluid pace of the most interesting soft-assemblages. I would imagine many activities would take some time and therefore require some time manipulation in post-production before uploading into Korsakow.

It is a concept I still feel passionate about though. I’ll scribble it down for later.

I began thinking about how to manipulate it so it would embrace the attributes of a soft-assemblage. How can I warp it into something more achievable and compatible with this format? I began toying with the concept of lines of flight again. How can I represent this concept in a nonlinear digital video project? Perhaps I could capture the different ways people achieve the same result. A specific activity that is enacted in a myriad of ways. Alas, nothing was coming to mind. Scratch that. Plenty was coming to mind, but nothing with the mercurial qualities I am after.

Back to the drawing board.

I need to get away from screens and city life for a while. At least a week. Recharge and re-centre.