Post submission frustration…

by stronged

I find it incredibly frustrating that the more I read the more holes I realise were in my last essay. I hope this is not the case for my exegesis! I figure it is due to the fact that i am still very much at the tip of the iceberg to understanding i-docs.

Quick definition:

  • Webdocs = A traditionally linear documentary that allows the user to navigate away from the one narrative path into a database of (at times incrementally ‘unlockable’) content to provide context and a deeper understanding of the topics presented within the main narrative thread.
  • i-docs = Generally embrace the soft-assemblage nature of online databases, various fragmentary narrative units amalgamating under the one topic/theme to allow free exploration by the user.
  • Transmedia Docs (also Cross-media) = Span across multiple platforms (iPhone, website, Television, Literature) in various formats (if a documentary, then more than likely video) to strengthen and develop a narrative world (e.g. Harry Potter, The Matrix, The Invisibles).