Conversational Pieces

by stronged

I feel naturally compatible with informal conversational pieces when approaching documentary-making. Similar to Before Sunrise (1995) or Eric Dittloff’s (i have been investigating who is involved in the Exertion Games Lab) piece below, I find more interesting connections are made through the art of conversation.

<p><a href=”″>SOPHIA</a&gt; from <a href=””>Eric Dittloff</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I have been wondering what would happen if I were to cut up a conversation and throw each fragment into Korsakow to figure out the order of telling. Whether it will become an absolute incomprehensible mess, or whether new paths are created between oral syntax. I feel this is drifting into the world of Tully’s research; remixology.

I have recently watched Afterlife (1998) that has inspired me to compile a database of answers to meaningful questions. I am naturally bent to investigate deeper themes in conversation, so perhaps I should exploit this fact. The only trouble is, the more philosophical the question the more people are bound to ramble or get tongue-tied in responding to it. People do not seem to understand that the answer that first springs to mind is fine to take down. There are many barriers that restrict a fluid discourse among people these days. Too afraid of how the footage will be used and making a fool of themselves to gather momentum into something more interesting; more fluid.

Here are some examples of conversational pieces I did on my last overseas adventure:

Bangkok Market, Thailand

Mumbai night markets, India

McLeod Ganj, India

near Geilo, Norway

waters West of Thailand


Conversational pieces aside, I have begun documenting each walk I take every day and importing the footage into Korsakow. My hope is that there will be cross-overs of landmarks I encounter, and for each experience to reference the desire path for that particular point in time. Taking off from where Hannah left with her “noticing” project, and amalgamating a digital archaeological approach such as Adrian’s sometime around 7am project, this project is another prototype to continue my journey of learning Korsakow and nonlinear database narratives. The point is, I just need to start making things again. I have a tendency to get bogged down in my reading and note taking and leave my creative practice to the last minute. Out of both the conversational and desire paths concepts the latter seems the more stable pursuit. However, my passion is tied up in the former.