Sophie Calle

by stronged


These photograph’s remind me of Shore’s work in capturing the mundane qualities of the objects that surround us.



ATELIERJES-SOPHIE-CALLE-4-544x400 – good article with overview of her work.

I have just stumbled across Sophie Calle’s work. Hadn’t heard of her before. Instantly smitten with her creative practice of pushing the boundaries with social etiquette and behaviour. Developing trust with strangers and exploring how we human’s interact.

‘she follows a passer-by, searches hotel rooms after getting a job as a chamber maid, asks blind people how they define beauty, and then, after the event, formalizes the biographical experiments that led her to “collaborate” with the people she met.’ (Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics, 1998) – an interview about her exhibition at the Whitechapel gallery.

Reading some excerpts about Bourriaud’s “relational aesthetics” I have come across Angus Fairhurst’s work as well: