Gems made from fooling around…

by stronged

I’m having a hard time convincing people to open up to the question I am using for my Research Project. I have streamlined the process to one question due to a) K-Films seem to work best working from a kernel of an idea before emerging into a rich database of experiences, and b) people are quite busy and therefore resist being pinned down to any length of time to be interviewed.

Making it just one question may be shooting myself in the foot though. Without any lead up or context established people generally withdraw and automatically switch to a defensive stance. If I set aside time to build up the conversation/interview into a more trusting rapport, this will offer a sturdy ground in which a sense of play will be accepted – much like Charlie in the above clip.

Logically, I still am unable to understand why people are so withdrawn. Normally they know me quite well and trust me in any other conversation. But as soon as I produce a camera the dynamics dramatically change. Instead of the conversation being in a constant flux, they believe they will be held accountable for the things they express. Any remarks will be solidified into a piece of evidence that they will have to abide by until the end of time!

The fear is so oppressive. I believe all connected to the distinction Gen Bailey made at the ASPERA conference, between a North American attitude and Australian one. A suspension of disbelief that is vital for artistic and innovative design to be realised. Or perhaps I should be speaking from a positive viewpoint: the belief in a project, with a suspension of skepticism and criticism.