Media Education 2.0 – summary

by stronged

Saw that I hadn’t posted this note that was made on the 16.03.13.

Adrian Miles, Allan Thomas, David Carlin, Glen Donnar, Paul Ritchard, Rachel Wilson and Seth Keen of the RMIT Media program have undertaken a shared project titled Media Education 2.0 to propel RMIT Media and Communications into the 21st century of emergent digital technologies.

They have devised four categories – the complimentary literacies – that form the basis of the project:

media literacy

This is the traditional notion of media literacy which tends to have implied the critical reception of ‘big’ (industrial and broadcast) media, and the teaching of skills and practices relevant to such media institutions.
network literacy
Describes those practices related to being an empowered participant (critical and creative) within contemporary online networked ecologies. (more….)
social literacies
Outlines the practices related to things like collaboration, behaviours in professional, educational and other contexts, regulatory regimes, ethics and the like. Think of these as social competencies relevant to teaching and learning in media practice. (more….)
literacies of learning
We are fond of this one. These are those skills that let students become active learners who can shift information (which they discover) into ‘deep’ knowledge. It consists of things like critical thinking, reflective practice, creative research, creativity and so on. (more….)