Desire Lines at ACCA

by stronged

Earlier this year ACCA presented an exhibition exploring the concept of Desire Lines. Unfortunately I missed it. But there are some valuable clips on the site:

Mel O’Callaghan notes that “man makes his setting” by myth (spoken) and ritual (acted out). This ties in with what Christian McCrae spoke about in the ethnography workshop: That ritual creates fabula. To go one step further, you could interpret this as ritual creating place.

She spoke of the repetitive gestures involved in ritualising something stems from the desire to reconcile your struggle with it. An interesting way to view ritual. A therapeutic method of processing particular issues or trouble shooting a quandary. I associate ritual practices with religion. So I guess you could perceive mankind grappling with the belief in a higher presence or greater calling as trying to reconcile the lack of solid evidence with a deeper belief system. Through the act of ritualising a practice it becomes more real, a mythology is created and, if the belief and ritual lasts long enough with a strong cohort, a doctrine created.

In this clip Dan Shipsides adapts Paul Klee’s famous quote “taking a line for a walk” to his work as “taking a line for a climb.” He concludes with the statement that art should be open to things that you are not sure about. I feel this point is apt to my position at the moment in Honours. I do not know what my research is about until I make something (a K-Film). Once I have something tangible to play with I can annotate and build a conceptual argument around the artefact.

I like that Jacqueline Donachie’s art project is aimed at real community development and innovation. Anything that helps draw focus upon important issues (such as sustainability) are incredibly valuable campaigns/enterprises.