Abstract Feedback

by stronged

After meeting up with Adrian the other day to show him my latest K-Film (footage I shot from around the family vineyard categorised into three clouds: Moving, Growing and Paths), he instructed me to write up some new abstracts working from his last feedback. I had presented him one abstract/Research Question focusing upon executing a fulfilling resolution within a nonlinear digital narrative to the same quality as a linear denouement. The other abstract/Research Question looked at exploring how places are assembled from our experiences. By interacting with a space and things within that space we begin a relationship similar to Ernst’s “time-criticality”, establishing a pattern of communication that weaves together our perspective of that assemblage, thus creating a place.

Originally torn between these two topics, the decision has been swayed due to a friend informing me that Axon is now accepting submissions relating to the poetics of assemblage.

So I gave the abstract another go,

The subjective nature of placemaking draws on the complexity of experiences relating to the individual units that inhabit that space. In this context, place becomes a dense system of assemblage where material units are intricately woven into a tapestry of meaning for the individual. By creating an interactive documentary on a series of places, the soft-assemblages that are formed will convey the interconnected nature and density that we otherwise take for granted in our everyday life. Exploring how these assemblages take various forms within the interactive documentary will reveal how placemaking occurs as an individual relation between unit and individual.

And received this feedback from Adrian:

just call it place, not platemaking. ‘units’? use those words you have to define them, just makes it a thesis not a project. and now you have to justify explain assemblage, place, platemaking, soft assemblage, units, unit operations.

make it 400% simpler. begin from there. the complexity comes in the making and the writing, not the preliminary proposition.

Makes complete sense. I am trying to do too much (as per usual). The trouble I am finding is trying to get my head around writing my exegesis at the same time as producing a work. I feel as though my exegesis work will become superfluous if my project veers off into a completely foreign topic. I think the best approach is to compile little nuggets of research, a commentary on what I am reading, and leave it there. The connections will hopefully become apparent later down the track.

I had a brief chat with Josh today in the Honours lab about self-imposed weekly deadlines to achieve the word limit a few weeks prior to the submission date. Sounds like a reasonable goal to set myself. Might take his lead. He’s aiming for 2,000 good words per week. Not sure if i’m that game. Can definitely manage 2,000 not-so-good words though. See how I go with that.

Also need to apply for Ethics approval as I will be interviewing people about particular places they have a history with. I’ve filled out most of the form and will apply separately for each place I intend to investigate. It will be a helpful process to continue to sculpt my project into a concise statement, establishing some more clarity in my own mind as to what I am aiming to achieve with this project.


First Media Objects Lab back from mid-year break today. We discussed the upcoming assessments (thankfully all related to our main research project) and worked on our Research Questions. Here’s my first go:

Place can be understood as a socialised space, where experience creates a thick index of intricate relationships. 

Documenting place becomes problematic due to this thickness, as each facet is interconnected and conceals a dense history of individual and shared experiences. 

This project will explore the documentation of place through compiling an index of these facets and capturing a personal account that will disclose these relationships.  

By interacting with this database the experiential thickness place will become apparent to both myself, and others.

After I received feedback from the whole lab…


…I had another go:

Place can be understood as socialised space, where experience creates a thick network of intricate relationships between an individual and the facets that exist in that environment. 

This thickness is difficult to represent in a linear documentary form as the myriad of connections and experiences each facet contains can manifest in a variety of ways.  

My project will explore place through creating interactive, multilinear documentaries that provide opportunities to explore this thick network in it’s various permutations.

Through the exploration of these interactive documentaries how we formulate our impression of place will become apparent. 

Still not happy with that. But it will have to do for now. Need to get stuck into my Media Objects essay to present to the lab next week. I am hoping this deviation from my main research project will be momentary so I can concentrate on writing my exegesis. I’m trying to step away from New Materialism.

I think I will only have time to document two places through August. Hoping one will be Interior, the other Exterior.