Around the Bend Part 1

by stronged

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I went out to the Bend of Islands briefly last week to capture some footage of the setting my brother and his wife chose for their wedding: A picturesque spot between two large gums surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna. I was planning to interview both my brother James and his wife Tobey but unfortunately ran out of time. I ended up only interviewing Jimmy whilst we battled to stay awake after an epic day. He brought up some interesting points, two of which are:

  • The Bend of Islands has no fences per se, so residents have the feeling that they can roam free and explore their surroundings for hours on end.
  • The foundations of the Bend of Islands is grown from “remnant vegetation” that brought to mind a layering effect of bygone eras of habitation compressed into the landscape. Similar to the rings within a tree trunk that can show the trees age, I’d imagine the landscape for have a similar constitution.

I have nowhere near the amount of footage I need to create a sufficient K-Film, but feel it is at least a start. Editing together the interview I began to wonder whether the project would work best if the footage I manage to get my hands on relates more directly to what my brother discusses. This would be more in line with the phenomenological intent of this project as I am providing the fragmentary pieces of evidence that together constitute a person’s (i.e. my brothers) sense of place. His memories from his wedding day, courting Tobey, etc., all factor into how he views and feels about the Bend of Islands – specifically that part of the region.

I would like to try piecing together his memories of the place. This type of approach draws stronger parallels to my original idea of recreating the history of a setting (eg. a walking trail). Re-enactments, interviews, footage of the setting at different times of the day, etc. Compiled into a K-Film, all of this information would act as a living archive where users would interact with the particular memories of the place.

I already feel well and truly behind now that week one of semester two has elapsed. I need to touch up both my Objects and Strategies essays from last semester as well as work on my ethics application, read three books (The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard, Place: a short introduction by Tim Cresswell, and Space and Place by Yi-Fu Tuan) and try to assemble half-decent K-Films as prototypes. The anxiety is mounting. I am finding it difficult to scan through the philosophical texts listed above because I must go at a steady pace to absorb what they are postulating. I have no chance in grasping such dense concepts speeding through the literature. Hopefully I do the theories justice!

Strangely enough, I have already touched on Tuan briefly after hearing Trish quote him at the ASPERA conference. Sounds like a really interesting read.