Around the Bend Part 1 Feedback

by stronged

Just met with Adrian to show him my most recent K-Film aimed at representing the Bend of Islands. I was concerned with the lack of footage and the low volume of the interviews audio recording. The former proved to be the more significant issue, the latter funnily enough seemed to work. The low murmuring voice of my brother in the background describing particular details and memories of what the Bend means to him.

Some points I need to work on are:

  • Remembering to uncheck the box for compressing media when exporting
  • Mix up the shot variations of objects (i.e. close ups, long shots, extreme close ups)
  • Shoot without the vignetting filter wheel on my iPhone
  • Experiment with connecting close ups with long shots and back to close ups again to create patterns with the content (like Matt Soar did with his Ceci N’est Pas Embres K-Film, designing connections between emotionally low and up clips to create a dramatic rhythm). This could also work with jumping from horizontal to vertical axis SNU’s (Transition shots could be SNU’s that feature rounded shapes).
  • Cut the shots looking down at things as there is no depth
  • Capture more of the river
  • Create a separate work of tree trunk textures – this’d be really fun
  • Throw a greyscale filter over the preview thumbnails to allow a reward for selecting the particular SNU
  • Try weaving together an atmos track of the environment – will compliment the murmuring of the interviewee
  • Cut Neil Douglas
  • Focus more on macro shots – this will offer clues for the user to piece together the place

I am still stressing about how to achieve so much in such a little amount of time. Over the course of this week I need to:

  1. Complete the Ethics Application
  2. Implement the changes Adrian noted on my Objects essay to pass around the lab tomorrow
  3. Read Tim Cresswell’s Place: A Short Introduction
  4. Shoot more of the Bend
  5. Re-configure K-Film as per above specifications
  6. Write to my Research Question/Abstract – expand on my four sentences. Elaborate on the terms I am using and where I see them coinciding with my Research Project

I asked Adrian what is the best way to absorb the philosophical concepts detailed in each book as I am struggling with grasping such dense notions. He advised that the best way is to read straight through the book quickly, do not re-read passages or anything like that. You can always re-read the book afterwards, but the most important thing first of all is to get an overall understanding of the concepts and viewpoint. I have been deliberating on what excerpts to take from each paragraph and re-reading over passages I have been struggling with for too long. Feel like I’ve been wading in quicksand. I’ll give sprinting a go.