Korsakow Group Meeting #1

by stronged

Adrian has set-up a Korsakow Group to meet up the last Monday of every month. It was a small turn out this time around (to be expected) and was aimed at bringing everyone up to speed on the program and it’s capabilities. I was hoping to show some of my work to get feedback but this expectation proved to be jumping the gun a bit. Adrian spoke at length of how Korsakow works, that it is more a poetics than a logic; a system that reveals patterns so therefore is all about what relations each fragment has with one another. He suggested that the more basic the connections (the less keywords used) the easier it is to understand the “contours” (Bernstein, 1998) of the overall work. He used my most recent K-Film as an example, suggesting that the keywords Horizontal, Vertical and Rounds would create a nice simple system. The latter types of SNU’s would act as transitions between both primary categories/clouds. Therefore this would mean I would need to increase the lives of each of the rounds in order to keep the bridge in play for the interactant to experience a decent amount of exposure to both primary clouds. Adrian likened increasing the lives and rating of a SNU to working out a chorus line for the project. I like the notion that K-Films operate more like a pice of music than a linear film.

Members were:

Adrian – interested in encouraging the use of the Korsakow system and expanding on what has already been chartered within the K-Film niche. Explores poiesis through his K-Film projects.

Paul – sounds like he has a rough assembly of footage from a documentary he was involved in, interviewing multi-cultural Melbournians who have English as their second language. He is interested in exploring how Korsakow works and how it will alter his project if he imports this footage into the Korsakow system.

Federico – has an idea to map Collins Street with Korsakow. This ties in with how I am endeavouring to capture place, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he makes of this venture.

Patrick – interested in exploring different ways to establish an online presence for filmmaking. Likes the idea of using his mobile as a means of video production, so is aiming to use Instagram’s new video capture feature (catchphrase: “capturing the worlds moments”) to record moments of Melbourne for his Korsakow project. Hoping this will tie in with his doctorate research into aura – ala Walter Benjamin’s “higher concept of experience (Erfahrung)”

Me – i am keen to receive a variety of feedback from students of the Korsakow system as this will enrich my understanding of the process and hopefully benefit my Research outcome immensely.