Some diagrams from Space and Place by Tuan

by stronged

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My understanding of sacred place is that it is predominantly shared. Although, it is widely respected when individuals seek a private connection with this place. I find it interesting the distinction between a private and public space. Tuan sum’s it up nicely:

“A man speaks as an individual when he talks from his own doorway, but he speaks for the group when he stands in mid-camp.17 The center is public, the periphery is for interaction among friends and kin” (113-114).

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A temporal rendering of a maze.

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I haven’t fully wrapped my head around the Hopi’s sense of distance and place, but am intrigued at how mythopoesis manifests at one’s sightline. Simultaneity is not within the conceptualisation of the Hopi; whatever occurs out of their sight and place happens at another time.

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I find this last diagram very poignant to how we proceed through life.