by stronged


Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

I need to adopt this as my mantra. I have a tendency to shoot off into various directions with my research. My natural disposition seems to be equip me with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I can’t help myself. If I read something I feel is interesting, I feel it necessary to understand it completely.

As I have been told time and time again – academic research is about something very specific.

Narrow and deep:

Narrow in it’s specificity.

Deep in respect to how much detail I must dig into that one concept/term/method.

My past essays have been roller coaster rides through the annals of media theory to the point where I jump lightly from one theory to the next without truly explaining what it is. My logic has been: the only way I can explain this theory is to compare it with that theory.

I need to start working on my own voice within this heap of references and citations I have gathered.

Adrian has set me a little assignment that is due in next Thursday. 1,500 word essay on Cresswell’s theory of Chronology and Chorology and how it relates to my interactive documentary. Considering i’m pretty sure Cresswell made up the term chorology from scratch, I’m thinking the essay will mostly be about my own experiences and examples taken from my interactive documentaries.

I have also booked some sound gear to pick up from the tech’s this arvo. I hope to start recording isolated sounds in order to knit together a soundscape of my life in Melbourne for this project. I am also heading out to the Bend of Islands Sunday to celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday. So I hope to rock up a little earlier or hang around for a little while to record some atmos tracks from the landscape.

Much to do over this next week. No doubt ramping up to submission of my first 9,000 word rough draft.