Pred and -ologies.

by stronged

Stumbling across many new terms today. Helpful terms. Whilst also trying to increase my word count. Good feedback from Jason and Josh. Wondering about the balance between formal and informal writing. As they are both writing theses, they have been instructed to employ a formal rhetoric in their syntax construction. I feel the desire to compose an exegesis that is accessible and enjoyable to read. My impression of an exegesis is that it can be less academically rigorous as the investigation occurs on a more personal level. Might raise this quandary in the lab tomorrow.

to make an end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.

                                                    – Eliot 1942

This quote reminds me of the strong reoccuring theme in A Clockwork Orange (1971). Through destruction comes creation. This notion has always intrigued me. In the context of placemaking, Pred uses Eliot’s quote to underline his supposition that no new path cannot exist without the destruction of an old path (“Place As Historically Contingent”, 288). There must be the formation of an absence in order for a new presence to manifest. Some of the terms he has used are quite good. For example, socialisation = institutional; individual socialisation = biographical formation. He says both are ‘dialectically intertwined in the process of structuration, each constantly becoming the other, the material continuity and time-space flow of the two in place cannot be rent asunder’ (287). Unfortunately, if I use this paper I will undoubtedly open up the Pandora’s box of Structuralism. Hm… I don’t feel Pred is really touching on the points that I am needing though. He reminds me of Massey in regards to how he views placemaking as a socio-political battlefield where the dominant “power-geometries” transforms what once was a passive place into a combative place (or vice versa).


Chrono(logy) = events occurring sequentially, normally represented as numerical time (cyclical) or linear causality (narrative) (quantitative)

Kairo(logy) = events occurring prompted by the natural rhythms of one’s body-clock and desires (qualitative)

Choro(logy) = a place that is in the process of becoming/the study of the parts of a place as opposed to place as a whole(Geography), understanding that place is constructed not merely upon its physical elements but also on cultural-historical undercurrent.

Topo(ography) = an achieved place/the physical shape of a lands surface.