A frustrated writer…

by stronged

I foolishly gave Adrian some very rough writing to critique for this weeks Supervisor meeting. On the one hand, it is good to get another persons opinion of my writing. But on the other hand, if I myself am unhappy with the quality of the writing, why show it in the first place?

It is immeasurably valuable to have another person to review and critique your work (whether you are a writer, filmmaker, or artist). This person must be trusted though. Someone you believe will boost the work into a higher quality of production. This is the most valuable part of receiving feedback. And I must keep reminding myself of this, as harsh criticism is directed to improve the work, not the confidence that I may be lacking in my abilities. My self-esteem is certainly getting some knocks on the journey of Honours. I have to keep reminding myself not to take the criticism as a personal attack, rather an attack on the mediocrity of my work and professional skills. The intent is to improve my skill level and piece of work.

When Adrian makes comments such as “I find it hard to believe you passed a writing course with a distinction average”, it is hard not to be put out by this. I must reject such comments and glean from the meeting the actual constructive criticism I received. This includes:

  • Explain and elaborate on the claims and terminology I am using. Be more considerate of the reader; step them through the thought processes carefully in order to articulate the topic in full – I need to explain the terms: “Becoming”, facets, nomothetic, social paradigmatic structures (i.e. patriarchy, capitalism, etc.), how K-Films can be seen to include the practice of folksonomy, ecology, nonlinear.
  • Instead of feeling the need to rush ahead and include as many different terms as possible to up my bibliography or strengthen my argument, simplify my vocabulary to pare down my research from a thesis to an exegesis.
  • Cite and Reference to provide evidence to support the claims I am making. Do not introduce quotes to explain them, they should be used to explain my own discussion.

I now need to expand on the first piece I have given Adrian to read. He says that each paragraph can easily be extended to a page in explaining what I mean by using each particular term.

I will continue to write to my four sentence abstract in order to break this block I am experiencing. This past week has been like getting blood out of a stone. I can’t seem to ignite my usual creative spree of writing. I feel all dried up. Especially fatigued from that “discussion” with Adrian.

If my ethics is not approved I will be shattered. If this occurs I am sure there is a reason for it. Perhaps this is all a lesson in humility?

Have to persevere.