project AS research

by stronged

Have stumbled across an article written by Adrian explaining what an exegesis is. He mentions some good pointers in it:

  • There is no set-in-stone definition of what form an exegesis may take
  • The project’s outcomes offer evidence for the claims you are making in your research
  • The project IS the research in an exegetical framework. The exegesis discusses how the project explores the problem or topic at hand.
  • Start with a lit review style chapter to frame the topic, introducing key terms and theories, before introducing the project in chapter two
  • Iceberg approach, whereby a reflective practice (project journal) illuminates what is not apparent in the finished product (my K-film)
  • ‘As a rule of thumb the more you can indicate a change in the sophistication of your understanding from where you started to where you arrived, then the easier it is to write your exegesis…’