First People at the Melbourne Museum

by stronged


I’ve just read Steve’s – my fellow Honours compadre’s – blog post unpacking his experience at the recently opened First People exhibit at the Melbourne Museum. It was very interesting reading about his impression of the exhibition from an indigenous persons viewpoint as I had accompanied him on the day and experienced it from a privileged white suburban male’s perspective.

I see parallels between the contextual constraints Steve speaks of, where artists and state government interests collide, and the power-geometries that Massey speaks of. Each party has a particular focus and goal within the partnership in order to create the particular exhibition, and this inevitably must be compromised in order to satisfy all concerned. Similar to any collaborative project, this compromise is a negotiable situation where the focus shifts from individual to individual depending on the collectives interest. Whoever can prove the strongest case or holds the particular “power” within that instance of the collaboration will convince the collective to side with them.

I digress. I merely meant to recommend a read of this interesting blog post composed by Steve and to visit this important exhibition on at the Melbourne Museum.