Shooting Plan

by stronged

Meet with Adrian:

Thankfully no bombshells this meeting. All very pragmatic. Mainly focused on the presentation of the exegesis and my project (k-films). I have been reading past honours student Adrian Lawson’s exegesis titled “Destination Trash Alley; a textual mapping of place and self” to get an understanding of how to structure my exegesis in a more fragmented, nonlinear way – reflective of how K-films are structured and the hybridity of placemaking.

Snapshot_1 3


Lawson’s approach has inspired me to design my exegesis in a fluid manner, the exegetical reflection mirrored by the formal theory with a ontographic stream for a textual addition. At first I thought I would add some of my own autoethnographic exercises focused upon the ten different houses I have occupied throughout my life. But Adrian believes this is off-topic. Instead, I need to focus upon the Bend and all that this unique place entails. To break up the ontographic exercises focused on the Bend I will experiment by including transcripts of the interviews and perhaps historical information to contextualise my exegetical ramblings.

I have set myself a target to complete a K-film triptych as outlined below (sorry for the faintness of the writing, the Evernote feature that is designed to contrast printed text for text recognition uses my iphone flash – not the most effective with pink texture). Each K-Film will roughly go for 30 minutes in length and illustrate the progression I have made from a purely observational (albeit poetic) approach to the production of a K-film to a more traditionally content-driven K-film that resembles a documentary piece about the Bend of Islands.

Snapshot_1 2

Snapshot_2 2

Over the next 10 days I will be house-sitting my brothers place out at the Bend so will have optimum access to the environment and the community. Now that ethics has been approved (Hallelujah!), I can start making contact with key community members to capture a diverse portrait of the Bend of Islands.

Here’s the plan:

Jog in the morning/exercise


Write/Edit (3-4 pomos)

Late morning walk and video/sound record landscape



Import footage

Edit footage

Import to Korsakow and SNU’ify

See what emerges

Reflect upon what has been shot and how it is linked


Re-work K-Film




This will be my rhythm, occasionally altered due to interviewing members of the community and expeditions to re-stock supplies. I cannot let this opportunity pass me by. This is the only time I will be able to intensively capture the base footage for my project.


I’m not overly confident with sound-editing software. In the past I have used Final Cut or Premiere to do my sound recording. I feel I’ll need to jump into Adobe’s Audition or Soundtrack Pro to compose a soundscape and interview collage. Wish I had the powers of Radio Lab at my disposal!

I would like to shoot on my 7D for more of an attractive aesthetic but have not looked into cropping it for a 480×480 aspect ratio – which I have grown to like. Square boxes look great in the K-Film interface. I wonder whether there is a codec in Premiere or Adobe Media Encoder that allows me to easily convert my footage to this res and sizing. Hmm…

I think I will aim to exclude my own voice from the interviewing process (as I have been taught in the past – this allows an easier and more efficient process in post-production as there are no overlapping voices) and just have the interviewees deliberate on their associations with the Bend.

From day one of the interview idea I imagined myself capturing a visual portrait of each interviewee in macro and Extreme Close Up detail in order to compare and contrast with the visuals of the landscape. I hope my subjects do not get overly awkward about this stage of the process as the lens will need to be quite close to their face/body. I will definitely inform them that they can opt out of this process, but emphasise the importance of the footage in the end product. Hmm.. tricky one.

I feel like I should work out some type of payment or way to express my gratitude to these community members who are willing to help me out with this research project. Being a poor student at the moment, I think I’ll need to brainstorm realistic options to meet my budgetary contraints.